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Country house to order Ukraine
93000 UAH
The cost of the works executed by the contractor according to TZ is specified taking into account the cost of materials. If during building the number of square meters of walls is changed that cost will also change in that, or other party. We carry out the following operations: preparation...
Group: Construction of cottages
Arbors from a wild log to order Ukraine
0.04 UAH
Arbors from a wild log enjoy wide popularity. The technology a wild felling (it is as known, as the manual cabin and a wild log) provides the to products authentic and attractive appearance, and also high service life. For production of a wild log we use the real Carpathian fir-tree (smerek) which...
Group: Creating of unique arbors, pergolas, retaining walls
Production of arbors from a felling Chernivtsi
0.07 UAH
Productions of arbors from a wild felling - one of the main fields of activity of the Carpathians Bud company. This technology already managed to prove as one of the best. Wild felling (it is as known, as the manual cabin and a wild log) is thanks to what your construction will serve longer and...
Group: Construction of pavilions
Construction of cottages from a wild felling Ivano-Frankivsk
0.08 UAH
Wild felling - excellent technology for construction of cottages which enjoys popularity in Ivano-Frankivsk and it is far behind its borders. Thanks to a manual obtesyvaniye with use only of the axe and a plane, the received logs differ in the durability, resistance to an atmospheric precipitation...
Group: Cottage construction
Construction of fellings cheap Khmelnytskyi
0.03 UAH
The Carpathians Bud provides to state of emergency full range of services between which construction of fellings is allocated. Exclusively svezhesrublenny wood is applied to production. After special processing we receive a so-called "wild log" on which grooves and locks are already formed. The...
Group: Production of log buildings
Houses of the turnkey manual cabin Dnipropetrovsk
0.07 UAH
Technology of the manual cabin (known also, as a wild felling, or a wild log) - one of the best techniques of construction checked not one year and generation. To create a wild felling, we take the raw crude log which is (just cut down) we round it the axe further, we carry out by a plane an...
Group: Construction of cottages on individual projects
Houses from a tree of the manual cabin Poltava
0.05 UAH
Rest in the country - it is unconditional pleasantly. Especially when the site and the lodge. Recently houses from a tree of the manual cabin gain unprecedented popularity. The reason in special technology of processing thanks to which the tree keeps a natural look and protective properties. It is...
Group: Construction of country houses
Bath from a turnkey wild log Kiev
0.04 UAH
The bath from a wild log is a high quality for reasonable prices. Use of technology a wild felling is a right way to the durable constructions steady against a frost, rainfall and the other weather phenomena. This technology originates from ancient times and still does not lose the relevance....
Group: Construction of the baths
Houses from a wild log Kharkiv
0.02 UAH
Wild log - one of the best methods of construction of houses, baths and an altanok. The logs processed in such a way it is much better, say, rounded. When processing by the axe (a method a wild felling) wood pores are as if pressed that provides durability, thus the protective layer remains. In...
Group: Dwelling-houses building
Felling - turnkey houses Lviv
0.01 UAH
Houses on technology a wild felling enjoy wide popularity, it is one of the most ancient methods of construction. For production the log which is not exposed to processing is used. The trunk is given rounded shape by means of the axe. After that the obstrugivaniye is carried out by a plane. Further...
Group: Construction services
Country house from a wild felling 6х6 Ukraine
90000 UAH
The Carpathians Bud construction company provides services in production of country houses from a wild felling on the best prices in Ukraine. Dimensions: 6х6 m. Price: 90000 - 95000 UAH You call, write, order from our managers country houses from a wild felling. We work across all Ukraine.
Group: Production of summer houses


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